July 1, 2024

Google Web Risk and ChainPatrol

ChainPatrol is integrated with Google Web Risk and Safe Browsing to protect users from phishing threats across billions of devices


Nikita Varabei

CEO, Co-Founder


  • Google Safe Browsing protects users across billions of devices, showing warnings on phishing sites across Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

  • ChainPatrol makes use of Google Web Risk to submit domains to be blocklisted by Google Safe Browsing

  • Our close collaboration with the Web Risk team enables ChainPatrol to refine our data and helps train the Web Risk threat detection models to approve submissions into the Safe Browsing blocklist quickly

What is Safe Browsing?

“Google Safe Browsing helps protect over five billion devices every day by showing warnings to users when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.”

Phishing sites are a constant threat across the internet, stealing user credentials and draining crypto wallets. Safe Browsing was created to warn users of phishing attacks, preventing loss of credentials, funds, and malware infections.

Safe Browsing has quickly spread to browsers and is further integrated into platforms like Reddit and Slack.

When a user visits a website that is present in the Safe Browsing blocklist, they are shown a very clear warning page in the Chrome browser that this site is Dangerous and might be trying to trick the user.

ChainPatrol Reports Phishing Domains through Google Web Risk

Our goal at ChainPatrol is to protect web3 users across every platform in real-time.

All malicious domains detected by ChainPatrol are added to our global Blocklist. This blocklist is integrated directly into major crypto wallets, protecting users from phishing attacks within minutes of detection.

To achieve further reach of the ChainPatrol detections, we use the Google Web Risk Submissions API.

Gathering all data related to the phishing threat is essential to ensure successful submissions.

ChainPatrol regularly collects both Honey Pot and community reporting data. This information often contains critical details, such as specific Ad Tracker IDs inside the URL that enable bypassing cloaking techniques used by phishing sites to avoid detection by automated crawlers.

ChainPatrol uses the Web Risk Evaluate API to enhance the threat-reviewing process

Web Risk not only enables ChainPatrol to block malicious sites, but also enhances our Threat Intelligence review process.

ChainPatrol runs a number of proprietary checks to review reports for signs of malicious activity. Web Risk enables API users to check against their own threat engine via the Evaluate API.

By combining our threat models with the Web Risk Evaluate API, ChainPatrol is able to establish the most thorough detection across domains and social media profiles.

ChainPatrol evaulates several indicators of suspicious activity including checking the Web Risk Evaluate API for prior evaluation

Web Risk Submission Status is Updated in Real-time

The Submissions API Check Progress method is used to keep up to date on the progress of a submission. This data is then visible to ChainPatrol users for a clear insight into which domains are now blocked across the Safe Browsing network.

We regularly monitor the status of submissions, and regularly coordinate with the Web Risk team to ensure we refine the data on our submissions maintaining a high percentage of success and a fast review process.

In the figure above, we can see active threats that are already blocked by billions of devices through Google Cloud Web Risk (+4 more security providers).

Pushing Towards Real-Time Security

The pace of phishing attacks has significantly evolved over the last years, especially within the Web3 Ecosystem.

Simply taking down malicious sites isn't sufficient to protect users. The real impact comes from extensive security integrations and timely warnings presented to users, which are crucial in the continuous fight against phishing threats and fraudsters.

ChainPatrol is proud of our integration with Google Web Risk to ensure we can protect every user across all platforms.

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© 2024 ChainPatrol Inc. All Rights reserved