August 7, 2023

ChainPatrol Reporting Bot Now Available in Collab.Land Marketplace

Tools to protect your Discord community members from active threats


Nikita Varabei

CEO, Co-founder

Help your Community Stay Safe

We're excited to share that the ChainPatrol Miniapp is now available on the Collab.Land Miniapp Marketplace!

Our goal at ChainPatrol is to maximize security & safety across the entire crypto ecosystem. Our Miniapp is an initiative to improve reporting and protection for web3 brands and their communities by leveraging the growing network of Discord servers that use Collab.Land. Security is severely lacking in both small and large projects, and tools need to be more accessible to all communities.

Our Miniapp integration enables ChainPatrol slash commands on all Discord servers that use and rely on Collab.Land. We want communities to have the ability to check malicious links, report active threats, and expedite blocking.

👩‍💻 Two Simple Slash Commands

We're launching with two slash commands to start:

  1. /chainpatrol check <url> - Use this to check a URL to see if it’s malicious

  2. /chainpatrol report <url> - Use this to report a scam URL to ChainPatrol to get it blocked

These can be added to your Discord server's existing scam reporting channels and linked to your own dedicated admin panel on

🧰 Open Source

We’ve built our Miniapp out in the open so that anyone can audit our work, report bugs, and suggest new ideas. We've already received some great feedback from the community about how we can better integrate into their workflows and we'd love to hear from you! Check out the source code on Github:

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© 2024 ChainPatrol Inc. All Rights reserved