November 2, 2023

Case Studies in Web3 Brand Protection

ChainPatrol protects Arbitrum, ZetaChain, and CoW Protocol Communities


Nikita Varabei

CEO, Co-Founder

Arbitrum CoW Swap ZetaChain

Real-World Case Studies in Brand Protection

💡 About this Blog

ChainPatrol is building a Real-Time Security Network to protect the wider crypto community. Since its inception, ChainPatrol has been a force of good, combatting the pace and volume of online threats with fast response reporting and cross-platform takedowns. This blog highlights ChainPatrol’s measurable impact with leading Web3 companies: Arbitrum, ZetaChain, and CoW Protocol.

🛡️ Protecting Web3 Communities from Online Threats

Web3 brands are all too familiar with crypto's ongoing reputation challenges. Organizations and communities have lost millions due to a daily volume of phishing threats across a wide surface area.

As Web3 businesses expand their online presence, they naturally expose themselves to a wide range of threats. From counterfeit products to impersonation, hacks, and online scams; brand protection has become more critical than ever.

At ChainPatrol we take immense pride in helping businesses across various Web3 segments protect their brand's integrity.

ChainPatrol's Security Dashboard

Our platform automates detection, tracking, reporting, and takedowns, and we’ve worked hard for the past few months to bring ChainPatrol’s protection to the largest communities in Web3.

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Case Studies

🔵 Arbitrum: Safeguarding the ARB Token Launch

Arbitrum ChainPatrol

Arbitrum is the leading Layer 2 technology that empowers you to explore and build in the largest Layer 1 ecosystem: Ethereum.

Arbitrum Foundation approached us to ensure a secure and successful ARB token launch in March 2023. Our team immediately began detecting a surge of impersonation attempts and implemented a multi-layered security strategy to protect the Arbitrum community and brand in the wider ecosystem.

ARB Token Launch

During the first twelve days of the ARB token launch, ChainPatrol effectively blocked 1200+ online threats across leading crypto wallets. The fast response protection at wallets was critical to preventing widespread losses from impersonation, and speeding up takedowns from several days to just a few minutes.

Arbitrum shines as an industry leader, recognizing the overwhelming pain point of malicious domains and the direct impact threats have on the growth of its online community.

Arbitrum Testimonial

“Keeping the Arbitrum community safe is an iterative and ongoing process that ChainPatrol has helped to simplify, as well as improve, with the removal of over 4000 threats and scams.”
- @Eli_DeFi, Community Lead, Arbitrum Foundation

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🟢 ZetaChain: Community Discord Bot to Report Online Threats

ZetaChain ChainPatrol

ZetaChain is a leading EVM-compatible L1 blockchain that connects everything: “Build interoperable dApps that span any chain; access all chains from one place”.

In 2023, ZetaChain expressed a strong interest in maintaining a secure and active community on Discord, a popular platform for engaging with its community of builders and followers. With 900,000 Discord members globally and growing, ZetaChain reacted quickly to level up its security within its community.

We introduced the ChainPatrol Bot, a powerful tool enabling Community and Core Contributors to report and triage malicious URLs right from Discord.

ChainPatrol Discord Bot

Securing ZetaChain's Discord Community

ChainPatrol's Discord Bot streamlined the submission of scam reports from ZetaChain's #scam-watch Discord channel and empowered moderators to engage with community members with more meaningful outcomes. This means moderators can save time and focus on higher-priority community activities to grow engagement and a positive brand image.

With the ChainPatrol Bot installed, ZetaChain now has better visibility into active threats targeting their community and reports filed by the community.

ZetaChain has one of the fastest-growing L1 Communities and continues to set an industry example in its security practices.

ZetaChain Testimonial

"ChainPatrol gives us an easy way to use the power of the ZetaChain community to report scams — over 350 to date — and we can do it right from the Discord Bot in a few clicks!”
Jonathan Covey, Head of Community at ZetaChain

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ChainPatrols Discord Bot is protecting an increasing number of discord communities, with expanded access as a Mini App for Communities that utilize Collab.Land.

🐮 CoW Protocol: Phishing and Impersonation Takedowns

CoW Protocol ChainPatrol

CoW Protocol is the industry leader in finding the lowest price for your trade across all exchanges and aggregators, such as Uniswap and 1inch – and protects you from MEV. CoW Protocol protects users from front-running and sandwich attacks, which lose traders thousands of dollars every day.

As a prominent DeFi company, CoW Protocol was concerned about the rise in online threats, particularly those posed by Google Ads impersonating their brand. ChainPatrol implemented an auto-detection system to monitor Google Ad threats and mitigate these threats efficiently, with coordinated reporting and takedown efforts to Google’s Safe Browsing.

Blocking Google Ads Targeting CoW Swap Users

ChainPatrol was able to block numerous Google Ads threats by partnering with leading crypto wallets, increasing the costs for the bad actors to continue this type of attack on the CoW Swap Community.

This Case Study underscores the importance of proactive tracking across Search and Ad platforms.

ChainPatrol implements a personalized security approach for each company we protect, to ensure protection across primary threat sources.

CoW Protocol Testimonial

"ChainPatrol has helped CoW Swap successfully block over 84 fake accounts and websites with phishing aims which would have been an extremely burdensome task and time-consuming if we had to deal with all of them ourselves."
Anna George, CEO of CoW Swap

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🛡️ Safeguard Your Community

ChainPatrol’s Real-Time Data Network

ChainPatrol MetaMask Coinbase Wallet Phantom

From the successful launch of the ARB token with Arbitrum to securing Discord communities with the ChainPatrol Bot, our services have been consistently delivering results.

Each Case Study we’ve examined exemplifies the real-world impact of ChainPatrol. Whether it is blocking domains during the launch of a platform, enabling community reporting of threats, or safeguarding DeFi projects from malicious ads.

ChainPatrol continues to advance the product suite to provide amplified security and brand protection to leading Web3 communities.

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Your community and brand's protection is our top priority at ChainPatrol.

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