December 14, 2023

Real-Time Security Networks Protect the Web3 Ecosystem

ChainPatrol collaborates with Forta Network and Blowfish to advance threat detection for crypto wallets and communities.


Nikita Varabei

CEO, Co-Founder


  • ChainPatrol is building a Real-Time Security Network to protect Web3 communities.

  • ChainPatrol safeguards against the intense pace and volume of online threats by working alongside leading Web3 companies to protect their brands, prevent loss of funds, and amplify security systems.

  • This blog highlights ChainPatrol’s collaboration with leading Web3 Security Providers: Forta Network and Blowfish.

Integrations with the Forta Network and Blowfish expand Web3 Security

In the ever-evolving Web3 landscape, ensuring user safety and security has never been more critical. We are proud to announce ChainPatrol's collaborations with Forta Network and Blowfish, two integrations that significantly bolster the protection we offer to wallets and communities worldwide.

ChainPatrol's Threat Detection reaches millions of Crypto Wallets

ChainPatrol’s automated detection and reporting are protecting the largest communities in Web3. With expanded integrations, Web3 communities across all networks can rely on ChainPatrol for fast protection and takedowns of emerging online threats.

ChainPatrol's Threat Dashboard is automated to save time and effort for security, support, and community team members.

🔵 FORTA: Real-time threat intelligence network for security & operational monitoring of blockchain activity

ChainPatrol Forta

Forta provides machine learning-generated intelligence about exploits, scams and other threats from a community of leading security experts. Forta is a pioneer in developing decentralized threat intelligence feeds with their monitoring solutions now being used by 100+ teams throughout Web3.

Our partnership with Forta Network represents a significant stride forward in phishing attack protection. By integrating ChainPatrol's API, the Forta Network now leverages our comprehensive database of malicious domains, allowing for rapid response to phishing threats. This integration powers Forta's Scam Detector Feed as seen in the dashboard below. The integration offers expanded real-time protection to more communities and wallets in Web3.

Forta Scam Detector ChainPatrol
This means that future victims are safeguarded within minutes of detecting a phishing attack, a rapid response time that is vital in the fast-paced world of Web3.
“We are excited to embark on another partnership that will leave Web3 users better off. By ingesting ChainPatrol-identified scammer domains, Forta can now identify and prevent more scams than ever before. ”

Andy Beal
Ecosystem Lead, Forta Foundation

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🔵 BLOWFISH: Proactive wallet defense against scams, hacks, & mistakes across blockchains

ChainPatrol Blowfish

Blowfish is a wallet security provider that helps wallets identify fraud and protects wallet users from malicious transactions. Leveraging transaction analysis and machine learning, Blowfish protects users across 10+ chains including Ethereum, Polygon, L2s, & Solana.

Our collaboration with Blowfish is enabling ChainPatrol to block malicious domains across 30+ crypto wallets including Phantom, Family, and Exodus on behalf of Web3 brand customers.

By partnering together, Blowfish and ChainPatrol ensure fast protection from new threats across the crypto ecosystem.

These integrations signify a pivotal evolution in our mission to provide robust security within the Web3 Ecosystem. By combining efforts with ChainPatrol, Forta Network and Blowfish are committing to their users' safety and ensuring that end users are protected in real-time from the evolving threat landscape.

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ChainPatrol - Real Time Security Network

The need for comprehensive cybersecurity measures continues to grow with the increasing adoption of Web3 technologies. To this end, we are calling on more wallets and security providers to integrate with ChainPatrol. By doing so, we can collectively enhance the Web3 Ecosystem's security, ensuring that users worldwide can navigate this exciting digital frontier with confidence and peace of mind.

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