URLs are the most common type of asset. It is a string that is used to identify a resource on the Internet.

When you sumbit a report, if you select asset type as URL, the url string will be normalized and its domain will be submitted to Chainpatrol.

For sites that host user-generated content, such as blogs, forums, and social (ex. Twitter) or link shortening services (ex. Bitly), blocking the domain is not feasible, since it will block all user-generated content. In these cases, you should report using the PAGE asset type.


Normalization is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from the URL string. It is done to make the URL string more readable and to remove any ambiguity.

ChainPatrol performs the following normalization steps:

  • Remove the scheme (http, https, ftp, etc.)
  • Convert the domain to lowercase
  • Convert unicode characters to punycode
  • Remove username, password, port, query, fragment
  • Remove trailing slash


BLOCK https://www.chainpatrol.xyz/home


When a domain is blocked, all subdomains of that domain are also blocked:

BLOCK chainpatrol.xyz
BLOCK *.chainpatrol.xyz
BLOCK *.*.chainpatrol.xyz